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"Survey on the actual situation of Japanese design archives" Business related events


FY 2018 · Workshop visit workshop end



The related event "workshop visit workshop" of "Japanese design archive actual situation survey"
On the 4th of October, we completed the fiscal year 2018 with the association of architect / designer Masayuki Kurokawa.
Kenji Egakuan the 1st, Motomi Kawakami the 2nd, Mr. Masayuki Kurokawa 3rd, 4th
Workshop · reports will be posted on the website at any time.We will continue this project in fiscal 2019.
Since the information of the workshop will be released from time to time on the web, please do not hesitate to ask.







Fourth workshop visit workshop , recruitment of participants


Architect and designer Masayuki Kurokawa second part

October 4, 2018 (⽊) 18: 30 ~ 20: 30


Mr. Masayuki Kurokawa's office is in the building designed by himself near the Nishiazabu crossing, a large space like a museum with two ceilings high.It is a place where you can freely change depending on the purpose, such as model verification, meeting, workshop etc.This time in such a luxurious space, Mr. Kurokawa will talk about "the challenging life of Masayuki Kurokawa trying to reintegrate the segmented function".
It is detailed below.



 Masayuki Sukawa's second part

"Challenging life of Masayuki Kurokawa who tried to reintegrate fragmented functions"  


The fourth workshop "work place visit" workshop is the second part of architect / designer Masayuki Kurokawa.
The Japanese design world specializes in architecture, graphics, products, industrial and craft,
Mr. Kurokawa consistently designed all of the environments that encompass people from products to construction. This time I will give a lecture entitled "Challenging Life of Masayuki Kurokawa who tried to reintegrate the subdivided function" for the practice.Mr. Kurokawa's thought and practice now is a suggestion of the future of the "designer" profession as the reorganization of occupations and functions by digital technology progresses.

* "Workshop visit workshop" is a related event of "Japanese design archive actual situation survey" that records the current status of work and materials of the heavyweight of Japan's design world conducted by PLAT.While visiting seniors' workplaces and telling the designers themselves about their works and footprints, we look back on the history of modern design in Japan and at the same time talk about future designs.
The report of Mr. Kurokawa's first episode "Witness of a serious incident that created the history of modernization of architecture and design" which was held on July 12 will be released in the coming week.


■ Date and time: October 4, 2018 (⽊) 18: 30 ~ 20: 30
 Talk session: Masayuki Mukawa (MC Kanji)
 A social gathering


■ Venue: K & K Co., Ltd.
 Minato Ward Cloth 3-13-15 Keplaza (Paloma Plaza) B2 (6 minutes walk from Hiroo Station 3rd Exit) Map

 ※ Please enter at any time in order of arrival.


■ Contact information of the day
 03-3746-3601 (K & K) 090-8003-6818 (Seki)


■ Capacity: 30


■ Participation Fee: Free



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※ I will close it as soon as the capacity reaches it.



Sponsor: NPO juridical personnel architectural thinking platform

Collaboration: K & K

   Technical Committee on Physics

kurokawa-workshop 02






"Survey on the actual situation of Japanese design archives" Business related
 Holding the 3rd workshop

 July 12, 2018 18: 30 ~
 Masayuki Kurokawa at K & K Co., Ltd.


The third workshop is Masayuki Mukawa who designed all environments that encompass people from product to architecture, and simultaneously sent messages through many books and lecture activities.Mr. Masakawa's workplace is a uniquely space that can be held in addition to work, not only work, but also a study group, including a middle class floor of a building that we designed.Here, we gave valuable stories about the postwar architecture and design as "the tyrant of the serious incident that created the history of modernization of architecture and design."

Detailed report is coming soon.







WORKS - 06

"Survey on the actual situation of Japanese design archives" Business related
 Holding the 2nd workshop

 May 10, 2018 18: 00 ~
 Motohiro Kawakami, at Kawakami Design Room


The second workshop fuses "beauty" and "function" from office furniture such as "NT" "BURIZ" "BRONX" etc, such as "Selleza" to public works such as "Tsurumi Tsubasabashi" Visited the workplace of Motomi Kawakami, a product designer who continues to produce numerous works that I made.
Mr. Kawakami's workplace is an elegant building that we collaborated with architect Akira Watanabe.There was a sticking to Mr. Kawakami as a designer, it was a space where "beauty" and "function" harmonized with each other.Detailed report is coming soon.








"Survey on the actual situation of Japanese design archives" Business related
 First workshop held

 February 22, 2018
 GK design organization, in the guest room


Through "Survey on the actual situation of Japanese design archives", there are "traces of one designer" that can not be talked about in their work and materials in the atelier and workplace of design masters, heavyweights, space is also a valuable archive It came to think.The purpose of this project is to experience such workplaces and ateliers of such great seniors, to touch designs, learn and talk with each other.
The first was Kenji Egakuan of GK who laid the foundation for Japanese design.From the mini lecture by Mr. Kiyoharu Fujimoto, GK Corporate Auditor, I visited the workplace before my life, I approached the essence of design by Kenji Egaku. A report is also scheduled to be released.







WORKS - 04

"Genes of Architectural Adventurers - From the 1970's to the Modern Period" (published by Shikoku Co., Ltd.) Edit


In the autumn of 2016, we reorganized the record of the continuous lecture "Architectural adventurers and their genes in the 1970s" held at Gallery IHA.A book that follows the transition of architecture from the 1970's to today, when Japan's unique architecture was sought.
Gallery IHA, Hosei University School of Design Engineering Department of Architecture Design · Laboratory Unit (Editor)









Survey on the actual situation of Japanese archive 2016 Report


Activities to inquire about the current state of valuable design archives in Japan by designers, architects, companies, organizations, relatives or related persons concerned, and to record the contents as reports.
Fiscal 2016 is a donation subsidy project from the Public Interest Foundation Ishibashi Foundation.
For details, please visit the website.









Education and industry exchange project related to urban · building · design


Ehime Prefecture Imabari city Osamujima's project to propagate the attraction (cooperating in making public relations tools) Ehime prefecture Imabari City Ehime prefecture promoted by Mr. Toyo Ito Foundation As part of the island development project of Oshimajima, the Agency for Cultural Affairs in FY2005, the museum · Cooperation in the development of the public relations tool of the project to the historical museum support project "To Oshima Island where I would like to live the most in Japan" project. and a bilingual booklet "Oshimajima Navigator" were created.








WORKS - 01

Public space renovation support project


The playware "West lands" in the schoolyard of Toshima-ku Nishi-Dobo Elementary School was painted mainly by schoolchildren, parents and graduates of the school.Hiromasa Shirai, the organizer of the event, will continue to work with paint makers and children to expand renovation activities by painting such as old-schooled school, play equipment such as parks, schools, public toilets, walls etc. .Dynamic activities won the Japan Space Design Award.







what is going on?
Design archives of these people

There is also the possibility of changing subjects of survey.

The subjects (individuals) to be surveyed have been selected, including those who have already died, referring to the 2006 Asahi Shimbun publication "The Great Masters who have designed Nippon".

* Is a person who has died.




Let's talk about Shiro Kuramata

Symposium held

Shiro Kuramata (1934-1991) is a legendary designer who was active in the 1960s and 1980s.
His character and his work continue to fascinate people all over the world.
Thirty years before his death, he held a symposium to connect the design of Kuramata to the younger generation from the past to the present and the future as "Introduction to Shiro Kuramata".


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