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Hideya Kawakita

art director


Interview: May 30, 2018 14: 00-16: 00
Place: Nihonbelliere Art Center
Interviewee: Mr. Hideya Kawakita
Interviewer: Yasuko Seki, Tomoko Ishiguro
Writing: Yasuko Sekiko



Hideya Kawakita

art director
Born in Fukuoka prefecture in 1947
1971 graduated from Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music, Department of Art and Design, Department of Visual Design
1972 Tokyo subway route map design
1974 Established Japan Beriere Art Center
1992-2003 Professor of Tohoku University of Art and Design Faculty of Design Engineering Department of Information Design
2009 - 2013 Part-time lecturer at the University of Tokyo graduate school of urban engineering
2003 - 2015 Professor of Design Department of the Faculty of Fine Arts, Tokyo University of the Arts
        Professor Emeritus, Tokyo University of the Arts

Hideya Kawakita



For Japan's design, in 1970 when the Osaka World Exposition was held it was one peak.In the 1970s, the enthusiasm of the 1960's gained away as enthusiasm for architecture and design, which was backed by national projects such as the Olympic Games and the Osaka World Exposition after the war, got developed and entered into the age of thought and exploration, respectively.It was just such a time that Hebei graduated from college and took the first step as a designer.
He is also a graduate of the elite school Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and, without going to the royal roads of graphic designers such as Dentsu / Hakuhodo and Shiseido's production department, he enters freelance activities suddenly.Since that time, the walk has been very unique as an art director and graphic designer.Is not it also appearing in Hebei's way of being a designer and workability?
For attitude towards design, I can feel instinctive rebellion against the fixed framework that designers and art directors are such things.Meanwhile, at work, create an ideal that is most suitable for the object to be designed without realizing the expression style and expression, and realize it.It is convincing if you see a series of work of Keiichi, a group of works by Keicho Subway (current Tokyo Metro), which is a representative work by Hebei, and continuing until 1983 on to this day.For the general public, it is impossible to imagine Marilyn Monroe 's posters rich in witches holding an umbrella and the posters of' Good - bye 'that gives a momentary refreshing feeling in a crowd are exactly the same work of the art director I will.
Hebei does not recognize the work of design in the framework of pursuit of beauty, visualization of functions, expression of personality.For him, design means "to work on life, industry, and the environment with human creativity and idea, and to improve it.In other words, under the great purpose of happiness of human beings, we actively encourage our surroundings by making full use of creativity and planning power, collectively designing acts that adjust various relationships "(""Manner of Japan" poster "Graphics Inc., 2008" meaning "action" itself.This magnificent idea is the driving force of Hebei's work.



· Tokyo subway map (1972)
· Subway Manor Poster Series Planning Design (1974 ~ 82)
· Product planning, packaging, TV commercials, posters, shochu "Ichiko"
 Magazine advertisement, publishing etc. Planning design for everything (1983 ~)
· Yokohama Business Park Art Plan (1991)



· "Running through the 10 years of subway, iichiko design 30 years exhibition" (2014)
· "Iichiko design exhibition" (2017) etc.


Book · publication

· Collection of works "Tokyo Graffiti of Hideaki Hideaki" Heibonsha (1981)
· Book "Hideya Kawakita's Design Principle" New Sho Company (1989)
· English book "ON DESIGN" EHESC (1995)
· Work Collection "Thought in the Scenery" "Letters from the Landscape" Business Company (1996)
· Photograph collection "Transparent Bleed" Business Company (1997)
· Collection of works "Original ancestry!Japan's Manner Poster "Graphic Arts (2008)
· Photo collection "Place of design" Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music Publications (2014)

Shuya Kawakita Works



Because the design is not an appreciation object,
It is difficult to archive under the same conditions as art

The road of design elite will not walk

- Mr. Hebei has graduated from Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music.In terms of the University of the Arts, Eiko Ishioka, Makoto Matsunaga, Mr. Makoto Matsunaga, Mr. Taku Sato and other designers are produced, and many people are independent through Shiseido Propaganda Department, Dentsu Production Department, etc., but Hebei suddenly Freelance is unique.


"Design" is never an elite among Hebei University of the Arts.At the university, mainstream is art such as painting, sculpture, or traditional craft such as lacquer and engraving.The design is "applied art" to the last, it is positioned as a secondary thing arising from art.I do not know well now, but at least in our time, many of those who majored in design had some complex with "painting".Perhaps, the generations above us were more likely to have this tendency.I strongly feel the workability and self-assertion if I look at their work.
Because I learned the design in the environment of the first art university of art, I never thought of myself as an elite and I did not start with freelance because of ambition.I was leaving it to the end whether it was lame.


- How did you get to freelance?


Hebei I was working as a designer while I was in college.Since there was no "design department" within the company unless it was a good company at that time, there were many opportunities for design students to be asked by art students.Even at the University of the Arts, my part-time job as a student became like traditional, and I decided to take over the work of a company called Sakuma confectionery from my seniors.Just around the time, a product called "Milk of Ichigo" was under development, and I was given the graphic.I think that it was around 1968.


- "Ichigo Milk" is a long-life item that is still being sold.The red strawberry graphic design on the white background is impressive.That was a design by Mr. Hebei.How was that design born?


Hebei First, I thought what was being asked.In this project the leading role is candy and the graphic is a supporting role.Speaking of painting, package design is like a picture frame.In other words, my role is not a painter but a picture frame shop.
"Ichigo Miluku" aimed at a breakthrough candy that enjoyed the touch sensation that it can be eaten with crispy and repeatedly trial-produced.The story of design came down to me at the stage of the release finally.I was going to work with the great people who are in charge of supervising students, from manufacturing to sales.


- What kind of design was proposed?


Although the packaging of candy before Hebei was a traditional and plain impression, I suggested to express the newness of chewy candy, suggesting a lovely pop design that attracts young people.I was opposed to sales people, but my suggestion was adopted, as the president told me that "new items are necessary for new products".
The texture not found in candy and pop packaging design have been accepted by children and young women and became hit products, leading to the development of a new market called "candy".Although it is nearly 50 years since its release, it seems that it is still evolving as a long-run product.


- Have you got a design fee?


Although Hebei first was about part-time fee, we remember that we got quite a bit of money (500,000 yen) by the time we graduate from university because the product was hit.


- The success of Ichigo Milk became a catalyst for choosing the freelance path.


There are several other reasons for Hebei .Since I was a student, I worked part-time at the Nippon Design Center in addition to Sakuma Confectionery and I worked in a form like a design office with my colleagues, so I certainly thought of trying on my own.However, I wanted to avoid finding a job exam.Because I was discouraged by the entrance exam of the university.
And then, when I work for a company, I am an assistant at the beginning, so I have to start with working under a publication production.In the byte era, I made sacrifices for the composition, and I felt doubts about what I really wanted to do.So, when I think carefully, I noticed that my interest was not "graphic design" but "design of communication".Another way of looking is to capture the world and society and want to do work that tells something you need there.


Graphics are a means of communication


- As a graphic as a means of communicating something, was the next job a "route map" of the subway underground?


Hebei first worked as a graduation work.Since I was a child I was looking at JR 's station name from Railway Mania to West Kagoshima to Tokyo and reading a timetable was a hobby.However, when I come to Tokyo from Kyushu for entrance exams, the Tokyo railway network, especially the subway, is too complicated to get on and I can not use the reliable route map to understand it.So I thought of designing a route map that everyone understood.I could not make it in time for graduation, but I continued the production and completed it half a year later.


- That route map was a voluntary project, did not he?What happened after completion?


The headquarters of the Hebei Tangyo subway is in the same Ueno as the Umeda University, and I made a business card called "Keihin Railway Design Study Group" on its own and sold it to the Public Relations Division.However, it is not easy for young proposals to understand someone who knows where it is, and in the end it was decided that "You can put it in the station if you bring the spot."So I searched for a sponsor, gathered money, printed it, brought the spot, I finally got the station at the station.Then, the department managers negotiated with the Metro Association of the Association (the Metropolitan Foundation of the Metropolitan Government Foundation) and founded a budget, "This is an activity that leads to the enlightenment of the subway".


- After that, it leads to manners posters, is not it?It is a perfect job for Mr. Hebei to tell people something.


Hebei In the 1970s, high economic growth had ended, but the city such as Tokyo expanded further, the infrastructure such as railroad and communication developed, the urban civilization was changing.The common thing is that "purity that does not require communication with other people" was pursued.For example, automated ticket gates, signs of stations and roads, telephones, McDonalds and convenience stores, systems that can live without contacting others grew more and more.I certainly will be in a convenient, rational and efficient world, but I always felt doubts about what the human mind and feelings would be like for such a stream.I think that such a misty feeling has led to public advertisements or manners posters.


- I see.The way to others is the basis of communication between people and people that Mr. Hebei was interested in.Have you suggested yourself this too?


There was a track record in the Hebei route map, and if I graduated from the university, I thought I could do posters.Public advertisement was not an area of attention at the time compared to corporate advertisement, but I was intuitioned that I could do interesting things.


- Were there specific demands from clients?


He also did not have anything in particular, so I made a whole direction, from idea to composition, character setting, copying.It was my first experience, so I started by fixing the basic concept of advertisement.So, I decided to present in three patterns, funny A fairly flying A, B too bad, C plus ordinary C, and I looked at the direction of the opponent.


- What is the result?


It is decided by draft C, which is called Hebei expectation street.


- What was the first poster?


Hebei It is a manner poster "Let's sit down on the seat."At that time, Mr. Masako Mori, a singer who was popular among young and old and young men, appeared from the familiarity.


- It was a big project to appoint popular idols.


Hebei ridiculous.I have made arrangements for everything in any way.I did negotiations with Horipro, but at the time I was still feeling a low consciousness such as portrait rights of celebrities, and I was able to acquire consent.However, pleasure is in a brief period of time, "Can you have your car?"It is said that the amount is 200,000 yen what.The total budget was about 400,000 yen, so half of it disappeared in the car.With such a long time, my budget has run out.


- So?


Hebei eventually I am also looking for a sponsor.I went to a business such as Sakuma Confectionery and started making sales posters like the tie-up advertisement I say at the moment, and raising funds by themselves with their own hands.From now on, I was not aware of common sense and I felt like I was doing lazy because of my desire to continue this job.But I think that how to proceed with work starting from scratch was right for me.Manner posters also became attracting attention, and continued for about 10 years afterwards.


- Marilyn Monroe, Chaplin, Tora - san and popular anime characters appeared one after the other, it was a Hebei World Manner Poster that will rejoice with a distinctive sense of humor.I remember that I was looking forward to a new advertisement every time because it was a time without a smartphone or SNS as it is now.


Brand is born in the mind of people using it


- After that, it is the work of "good pencil" to say Hebei's life work.The relationship between the designer and the client has been going on for 35 years, it became a very rare job, how did you get there?


Although the work of Hebei subway was challenging, we had difficulties in terms of funds and system, so when we receive this story, we will take care of all the planning and designing, under the condition that they are mutually equal relationships did.As one designer at that time is an iron rule, as for me, I can not work other drunk makers other than "Ichiko", I wanted to take a thorough and standing back effort.


- It is said that Hebei-san began to work, the sales amount of Sanwa-liquor was about 300 to 60 billion yen weak, about 200 times.Although I have built a brand image over a long period of time, in fact Hebei is actually handling all the designs related to "Ichiko" besides advertisement promotion such as posters and TV commercials?


Hebei In fact, as advertising media, planning and design such as television commercials, station pasting posters, magazines and in-car advertisements, planning and editing design of cultural science magazine "Quarterly iichiko" as a corporate culture activity indispensable for branding, I also do product design such as package.


- First of all, how did you decide to create a brand image of "Nikko"?


Hebei Hodo Wako Shochu has been received equally with whiskey and wine, but the image of drinking alcohol that workers drink 35 years ago was common.However, when I conducted a marketing survey, I actually read the Nikkei newspaper and a salaried worker with annual income of about 6 million yen was the center of our customers.So, "Nikko" at that time was recognized as a copy of Napoleon in the downtown, but I thought that I should build a brand and design to renew this image.


- Specifically?


In Hebei general product advertisement, we will push out the attractiveness and usefulness of products to the front.Certainly, from the viewpoint of selling goods, such an approach may be correct.But I would like to cherish the feelings of people when drinking "Ichiko" rather than selling it, I am designing to tell it.


- Are you aiming for making a brand that is not a so-called marketing idea?


That is why he made the axis of Hebei advertisement propaganda poster pasted poster.If it is the same budget, I thought that it would be more effective to fix the image over a long period of time, 10 or 20 years, using a weak advertising medium called a poster rather than doing a strong impact television commercial once It was.


- In station poster, do you use beautiful landscapes around the world and somewhat nostalgic everyday pictures?


Hebei poster etc. Advertising medium motifs are basically only photos and one sentence copies.Visual is nature, cultural heritage, everyday one scene, copying language language of the person who saw the scenery.Originally Japanese landscape is desirable, but nostalgic and beautiful scenery for us has not already existed in Japan, in fact it is shooting overseas such as European countryside.
Why is it a beautiful scenery, I see the same scenery everyday in commuting and going to school, and even if I am watching the scenery around the world with a smartphone or a magazine, it does not remain on the spot.I think that beautiful things and landscapes are memorized in the brain, not the eyes. The visual of "Ichigo" is looking for such a landscape that resonates with the memory stored in the brain.


- Is the idea familiar to product design such as bottle?


Hebei Yes, the package and the bottle design are the same. "At the bottle of "Ichiko Flask" and "Nokko Special", we received the Japan Package Competition and the G Mark awards as well.Especially the production of flask was not so-called mass production bottle maker, we made a glass maker called Hariio and did not paste the label.
In the first place, labels are attached for selling, and it is better not to have them when drinking.I also aimed to have it used as an ordinary bottle even after I finished drinking it.I also designed various bottles, but unfortunately a lot of them were imitated.


- For Hebei, what does it mean to design a brand?


There are only a handful of companies that can advertise Brant and products for over several billion yen in Hebei .A brand is not a logic of a company, but a product, a service, and a company 's worth while recognizing the value of a company.In other words, since the brand is on the side of the living, it is important that companies make and deliver what they admit and that they deeply penetrate people's memory and life.


Design is difficult to summarize


- Until now I have heard from you that Mr. Hebei has been carefully designed for life and culture.So I would like to ask you how you think about Japanese design archives and design museums from the standpoint of design education as a professor at the university for nearly 10 years.Certainly, when I was retiring from professor at the University of the Arts, at the Tokyo University of the Arts University Art Museum, "I ran through the subway for ten years, an iichiko design 30 years exhibition" was held, but what about the art university museum?


At the Hebei University of Arts Museum, we buy and store all artworks such as paintings and crafts, but we donate design fields such as posters.Since at Nijo University the design is positioned as applied art, it will not be expected to work on a full-fledged design archive.In my case, the work of the subway relations is stored in the Metropolitan Foundation Metro Cultural Foundation.


- So, Mr. Hebei himself is doing the current state of works and materials?


We keep a picture of Hebei printed matter (works) and television commercials, photos and videos for that, but we do not have anything like sketches or containers.Just now this building is in the ground and it is in the midst of moving, but it is tough to have to manage three floor worth of luggage.Either way, we have to organize a considerable amount.


- Since the design of "Nikko" is exactly the corporate culture of Sanwa, it would be nice to archive it in the form of a corporate museum in the future.


Hebei I wish I could do so.


- When I saw Sanwa - saki 's web, I saw factory tours and so on.I feel that building a facility with a café etc. at the site on the premises centering on the museum also makes sense as a brand.


In the vicinity of Hebei Sanwa Shuzai there are tourist areas like Hita, including Usa Shrine where 1.5 million people come yearly, and I think the reality of the museum idea is high.Indeed, we are holding exhibitions many times because we receive a request that you want to do poster exhibition of "Ichiko" from various fields.Since the poster exhibition takes place, it is difficult to see the whole picture and it would be appreciated if there was a permanent place like a museum where anyone can appreciate it anytime.However, it is not something that one designer can realize.


- But it is not necessary to do some approach from the designer side?


Although there are many subjects about architects of designers and architects of Hebei individuals, there is already a design museum limited to specific fields.For example, if you are concerned with cosmetics, you already have a Shiseido museum, a Toyota museum if it's a car, or a museum where companies are making specific collections.I hope companies will become more active in archives and museums as part of their cultural activities.


- How about countries and public institutions?


Before Hebei In the sentence "Design of cultural capital", "There are no advanced countries that are neglecting culture as much as Japan.It was not so long ago.It is after the Meiji period.An ordinary Japanese lost understanding of culture as well.It is said that the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology will reduce the time of drawing and music, it is not only that.I am telling you that I do not need the literature department.I emphasize, to emphasize the department that is tightly connected to the economy. "I can not expect it.


- So, what do you think about Mr. Hebei himself about design archives and museums?


Hebei Place for design presentation is not a museum in the first place.It may be impossible for the exhibition to be archived and archived under the same conditions as the art presupposed to be viewed and used in society or life and usefulness is required.Some designers have a strong artistic desire to create works, but I think that the goal that designs should aim for in the first place is not there.And the area of design is too wide, it would be extremely difficult to summarize everything.I think that there are places where design archives and museums are difficult.


- Thank you very much for today.



Censure: Yasuko Seki




what is going on?
Design archives of these people

There is also the possibility of changing subjects of survey.

The subjects (individuals) to be surveyed have been selected, including those who have already died, referring to the 2006 Asahi Shimbun publication "The Great Masters who have designed Nippon".

* Is a person who has died.




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Shiro Kuramata (1934-1991) is a legendary designer who was active in the 1960s and 1980s.
His character and his work continue to fascinate people all over the world.
Thirty years before his death, he held a symposium to connect the design of Kuramata to the younger generation from the past to the present and the future as "Introduction to Shiro Kuramata".


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