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What is the "Japanese Design Archive Survey"?

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As you all know, Japan is one of the world's leading economic powers. Even though it is being overtaken by emerging countries such as China, there is still a great deal of trust in Japanese products on a global scale. So too is the appreciation of Japanese design (architecture, products, graphics, fashion, content). However, the preservation and research of ideas and processes (works, sketches, drawings, models, etc.), the source of that "JAPANESE DESIGN", lags far behind the West. In Japan, there is no design museum or research institute that conducts research on design archives.
However, time is not waiting for us. With the death and ageing of the first generation who contributed to the development of Japanese design, their valuable design heritage is in danger of being lost or destroyed. In fact, the custody of many of their works and materials is the responsibility of the designers themselves and their families, but this is not a task that can be met by individuals. If this situation continues, Japan's precious cultural and industrial heritage will be lost and a void will be left in the history of culture and design. This desire is the motivation for this project.
The "Survey of Japanese Design Archives" is a survey of the people who entrust design works and materials (designers themselves, their families, staff) and the people who build archives (museums, universities, researchers), from the viewpoint of "preservation and maintenance of design archives".
But is a design archive just about "objects" such as works and sketches? We decided to include the footsteps and design ideas of one designer, because we believe that the ideas and practices that can only be passed on from one person to another are also an important part of the archive, and can be left out of the "objects".
We hope that by publishing these records on the web and sharing information and knowledge with a wide range of people, we will be able to build a design archive and design museum in Japan.

* This project has been funded by a donation grant from the Ishibashi Foundation since 2016.

Director Yasuko Seki



Hearing & Report 1

Designers & Creators

We interviewed the designers, their families and other people involved in the project to find out more about their work and the status of their archives.


Hearing & Report 2

Museum & Organization

We interviewed universities, museums and research institutions to introduce their ideas and approaches to design archiving.


Other Activities

Workshop /
Special Projects

Shiro Kuramata Project




Project Members 


Yasuko Seki (Editor, PLAT Director)



Katsuhiko Abe (Designer, President of ABEZO)

Tomoko Ishiguro (Writer)

Aia Urakawa (Writer)

Keiko Kubota (Publisher, ADP)

Akiko Wakui (Writer, PLAT Secretariat)




秋岡 芳夫
秋田 寛
青葉 益輝
新井 淳一
浅葉 克己
粟辻 博
粟津 潔
長 大作
栄久庵 憲司
藤江 和子
原 弘
浜野 安宏
蓮池 槇郎
飯島 直樹
五十嵐 威暢
石井 幹子
石岡 瑛子
亀倉 雄策
葛西 薫
勝井 三雄
川上 元美
河北 秀也
川崎 和男
剣持 勇
木村 勝
木村 一男
喜多 俊之
北原 進
小池 一子
小島 良平
麹谷 宏
小松 誠
河野 鷹思
倉俣 史朗
黒川 雅之
松本 哲夫
松永 真
水戸岡 鋭治
宮城 壮太郎
宮本 茂紀
森 正洋
永井 一正
中川 憲造
仲條 正義
中西 元男
大橋 晃朗
大野 美代子
佐藤 晃一
杉本 貴志
杉浦 康平
田中 一光
豊口 克平
豊口 協
内田 繁
植木 莞爾
宇賀 洋子
梅田 正徳
宇野 亞喜良
和田 誠
渡辺 力
八木 保
山名 文夫
柳 宗理
横尾 忠則

Hearing & Report 1

Designers & Creators

Footprints and archives now, as told by the designers themselves and those involved.
*alphabetic order family name + givine name


Akase Tatsuzo1946-de
Akioka Yoshio1920-1997pr
Akita Kan1958-2012gr ad
Akiyama Takashi1952-gr
Anzai Mizumaru1942-2014il
Aoba Masuteru1939-2011gr
Aoi Huber-Kono1936-gr il
Asaba Katsumi1940-ad
Arai Junichi1932-2017te
Awatsuji Hiroshi1929-1995te
Awazu Kiyoshi1929-2009gr




Ekuan Kenji1929-2015pr


Fujie Kazuko1947-pr
Fujimoto Harumi1938-2018li
Fujitsuka Masamitsu1939-ph
Fukasawa Naoto1956-pr
Fukuda Shigeo1932-2009gr at
Fukuda Tetsuo1949-pr


Hamano Yasuhiro1941-de
Hanyu Michio1933-2021pr
Hara Hiromu1903-1986gr new
Hara Kenya1958-gr
Hasuike Makio1938-pr
Hayakawa Yoshio1917-2009gr
Hirano Kouga1938-2021gr
Hirano Takuo1930-pr
Hiromura Masaaki1954-gr
Hosoe Isao1942-2015pr
Hosoya Gan1935-gr ad


Igarashi Takenobu1944-gr at new
Iida Yoshiaki1947-pr
Iijima Naoki1949-in
Inoue Tsuguya1947-ad
Isaka Yoshitaro1928-1970gr il
Ishii Motoko1938-li
Ishimoto Fujiwo1941-te new
Ishioka Eiko1938-2012gr ad new
Ito Takamichi1939- at
Iwabuchi Katsuki1930-2006 in


Kuroda Seitaro1939-gr il
Nagatomo Keisuke1939-2017gr
Kamekura Yusaku1915-1997gr
Kasai Kaoru1949-gr ad
Kashiwagi Hiroshi1946-2021de
Katsui Mitsuo1931-2019gr
Katsumi Masaru1909―1983de
Kawakami Motomi1940-pr
Kawakami Reiko1938-te
Kawakita Hideya1947-gr ad
Kawasaki Kazuo1949-pr
Kenmochi Isamu1912-1971pr
+ Matsumoto Tetsuo1931-pr
Kimura Katsu1934-2015gr new
Kimura Kazuo1934-pr
Kimura Tsunehisa1928-2008gr
Kita Toshiyuki1942-pr
Kitaoka Setsuo1946-2016in pr
Kitahara Susumu1937-in
Koike Kazuko1936-de
Koike Iwataro1913-1992pr
Kojima Ryohei1939-2009gr ad
Komatsu Makoto1943-pr new
Kondo Shosaku1927-pr
Kondo Yasuo1950-in pr
Kono Takashi1906-1999gr
Kosugi Jiro1915-1981pr
Koujitani Hiroshi1937-gr ad
Kuramata Shiro1934-1991in pr
Kurigami Kazumi1936-ph
Kurokawa Masayuki1937-pr ar
Kuroki Yasuo1932-2007de


Matsunaga Shin1940-gr
Mende Kaoru1950-li
Minagawa Makiko te
Mitooka Eiji1947-pr il
Miyagi Sotaro1951-2011pr
Miyamoto Shigeki1937-mo
Mizutani Soich1955-in
Mori Hideo1940-pr
Mori Masahiro1927-2005pr
Mukai Hideo1923-1992ad gr
Murata Chiaki1959-pr


Nagai Kazumasa1929-gr
Nakagawa Kenzo1947-2019gr new
Nakajima Shobun1944-gr ad
Nakajo Masayoshi1933-2021gr
Nakanishi Motoo1938-ci
Naruse Motoko1947-ad gr
Nii Takeshi1920-2007in


Oda Noritsugu1946-pr
Ohashi Tadashi1916-1998gr
Ohashi Teruaki1938-1992pr
Ohno Miyoko1939-2016pr
Okamoto Shigeo1934-gr
Oki Kenji1950-in
Okumura Yukimasa1947―gr ad
Onuki Takuya1958-gr


Saito Makoto1952-gr
Sakaizawa Takashi1919-2001in
Sasaki Tatsuzo1906-1998pr
Sato Koichi1944-2016gr
Satoh Taku1955-gr
Sobue Shin1959-gr
Soeda Takayuki1947-gr ad
Sudo Reiko1953-te
Sugimoto Takashi1945-2018in
Sugiura Kohei1932-gr
Suzuki Kazushi1950-gr


Tahara Keiichi1951-2017ph
Tanaka Ikko1930-2002gr ad
Toda Masatoshi1948-ad
Toda Tsutomu1951-2020gr
Toyoguchi Katsuhei1905-1991pr
Toyoguchi Kyo1933-pr
Tyo Daisaku1921-2014pr


Uchida Shigeru1943-2016in pr
Ueki Kanji1945-inpr
Uga Yoko1932-pr
Uno Akira1934-il gr new
Umeda Masanori
1941-in pr


Wada Makoto1936-2019il gr new
Watanabe Riki1911-2013pr


Yagi Tamotsu1949-gr
Yamaguchi Harumi1941-il
Yamaguchi Nobuhiro1948-gr
Yamana Ayao1897-1980il gr
Yamanaka Shunji1957-pr
Yamashiro Ryuichi1920-1997gr
Yanagi Sori1915-2011pr
Yokoo Tadanori1936-at gr new
Yumura Teruhiko1942-il de




ar Architect
ad Art Director
at Artist
ci Corporate Identity Director
de Design Director/Producer/Critic/Editor
gr Graphic Designer
il Illustrator
in Interior Designer
li Lighting Designer
mo Modeler
pr Product Designer(Including Industrial Designer)
ph Photographer
te Textile Desginer

Hearing & Report 2

University, Museum & Organization

Approaches and initiatives for design archives in universities, museums and research institutions
*in order of appearance