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Survey on the actual situation of Japanese design archives

Japanese Design Archives





A survey on the actual situation of Japanese design archives

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what is going on?
Design archives of these people

What's the deal? Design archive of these people

graphic designer

Hiromu Hara Born in 1903 *

Yusaku Kamekura Born in 1915 *

Kiyoshi Awazu Born in 1929 *

Kazumasa Nagai Born in 1929

Ikko Tanaka Born in 1930 *

Mitsuo KatsuiBorn in 1931 *

Shigeo Fukuda Born in 1932 *

Kohei Sugiura Born in 1932

Masayoshi Nakajo Born in 1933 NEW

Eiko Ishioka Born in 1938 *

Katsumi Asaba Born in 1940

Shin Matsunaga Born in 1940

Koichi Sato Born in 1944 *

Hideya KawakitaBorn in 1947

Tsuguya Inoue Born in 1947

Tamotsu YagiBorn in 1949

Kan Akita Born in 1958 *

Interior designer

Shiro Kuramata Born in 1934 *

Susumu Kitahara Born in 1937

Teruaaki Ohashi Born in 1938 *

Shigeru Uchida Born in 1943 *

Takashi Sugimoto Born in 1945 *

Kanji Ueki born in 1945

Setsuo Kitaoka Born in 1946 *

Kazuko Fujie Born in 1947


Textile designer

Hiroshi Awatsuji born in 1929 *



Motoo Nakanishi Born in 1938


Furniture craftsman

Shigeki Miyamoto Born in 1937 NEW

There is also the possibility of changing subjects of survey.

The subjects (individuals) to be surveyed have been selected, including those who have already died, referring to the 2006 Asahi Shimbun publication "The Great Masters who have designed Nippon".

* Is a person who has died.



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